Welcome to Code.org K-5 Curriculum Workshop

Participants will learn how to teach computer science skills such as critical thinking, logic, persistence and creativity in problem-solving aligned to all subject areas.

We will address computer science and computational thinking skills through hands-on "unplugged" and online activities, including computer programming and coding. You'll develop the skills of a computer scientist through the computational thinking practices of creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence and problem solving. We include computer science themes of algorithms, data, abstraction, computing practice and programming, computers and communication devices, and community, global and ethical impacts.

Participants will take part in Teacher/Learner/Observer (TLO) style activities, reviewing and teaching lessons as part of the training. Participants will receive feedback on their performance, as well as resources for improvement.

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Unplugged Lessons Review

Why K-5 Video

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Beta App Lab Introduction

Teacher Dashboard Introduction

Technology Requirements to Run Code.org

TLO Preparation

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Black Girls Code

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